Hilde Nijs


Contemporary Artist


Hilde NIJS is devoted to classical music, art music and jazz music. Also music history, poetry and literature as aninexhaustible source on her search to the ultimate, appears regular in her work.

 She is president of ARTesMUSICA vzw., an association to promote Chamber Music.

 "I remember from my childhood my parents listened "Opera and Belcanto", a regular sunday radio program.

It was a sacred ritual every week.....

My absolute and pure passion for Classical Music, Art Music and Jazz Music in all its facets was born here".

"The deep beauty and timeless truth, the never ending energy and reason why and how music is one of the fundamental activities of mankind, are great sources of inspiration".

"Also the Classical Music, Art Music, Jazz Music and its relationship to human perception, the development in human society as entertainment, communication, philosophy, therapy and simply enjoyment of  Music in all its domains, arguing for the centrality and universal nature of this powerful medium. It brings people together from all over the planet".

"This huge energy inspires me enormously" !!!

Hilde NIJS